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Commed Consultancy Pte Ltd

We Develop, We Inspire, We Empower

A positive and healthy approach at every level is key to success  



Business and People Solutions

Our Mission

"To develop a healthy, positive workplace culture for every organisation by inspiring and empowering individuals, leaders and teams with knowledge and skills they need to achieve and succeed."

We help organisations reach their desired destination to achieve their goals. 
Happy employees lead to higher test performance. 

About Us

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Kong Yit Sim

Yit Sim was an MOE Primary school teacher and a Senior Prison officer before plunging fulltime into her freelance work. Since then, she has involved herself in facilitation work with Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, drama training cum story-telling as an enrichment programme in schools, and corporate training in various ministries. Currently, she is also an adjunct lecturer with Temasek Polytechnic.




 Lead Trainer

Programme Designer

Cleo Geraldine Soong

Cleo has over 15 years of experience as a professional communications trainer, programme designer and corporate role player. Ever since she graduated from Murdoch University Drama and Media programme, she had infused her knowledge and experience of the dramatic arts into her training to help organizations be empowered with effective communication skills. She believes in a people centric approach as a solution to many problems faced by organizations today. She is currently running  engagement programmes for various organisations.






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Randell Siow

Randell has led a wide variety of training and coaching programmes with topics ranging from corporate programmes such as change management to personal safety tactics and threat response solutions. In his years of experience as a senior education officer with Ministry of Education Singapore, he was responsible for overseeing the professional development of teachers, bridging partner agencies and ministries to create engagement platforms for national initiatives and facilitating change management and focus group planning. 


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Serene Chen 

Serene has over 15 years’ experience as a corporate role-player and facilitator across a wide portfolio of clients. She works across the spectrum of communication skills training, helping people with their professional and personal development. She has delivered courses on leadership and various aspects of people development for, amongst others, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, oil majors, technology companies, law firms, hospitals and NGOs, as a corporate roleplayer.

Hemang Nanda 2

Hemang Nanda

Hemang has been a drama and communications trainer for both youth and adults over 12 years. He is also a professional scriptwriter and director for numerous theatre productions which focused on culture and social issues. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Queensland University and a Masters Degree in Literature from National University of Singapore.





Gerald Chew

One of the powerful tools that Gerald passionately believes in is the aspect of a practical and live experience in learning and developmental programmes. Enhancing the potential for real change in individuals and organisations, Gerald has written, performed in, coached and facilitated bespoke conversations, role plays and forum playback. As a trainer, Gerald believes in starting with working towards the discovery of the individual's personal style and confidence in order to achieve effective communication. 

Image About US

Our Team of Role Players

Our talents team of professional role players are not simply any individuals who want to be an actor. Our role players have honed their skills through the years of immersive role playing, enabling them to have a knack to connect with people, read people's emotions and to be spontaneous and versatile in their responses. Hence, they have the ability to bring the scenarios to live as realistically as possible, such that the learning impact of role play is often deemed invaluable by the client.