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Corporate Role Play


What is Corporate Role Play?

A learner is placed in a simulated work situation and tasked to behave and respond according to the situation with the intention of achieving a desired learning outcome.


Why Corporate Role Play?

Corporate Role Playing is a very impactful training technique often used to elicit a one’s behaviour and attitude towards a specific work situation. Where most other Training and Assessment techniques fail, Corporate Role Playing succeeds in surfacing the need for essential communication skills such as people management skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence etc. Your training aims and objectives are not merely written and spoken about, but brought to live.


Why Corporate Role Play at Commed Consultancy Private Limited?

We take the learning of our clients seriously. We value our clients' precious time thus, insist that our role play sessions are effective and impactful for our clients' learning. Hence, we only use professional corporate role players who are experienced and versatile in their roles.

For role playing to be realistic and valuable as a learning tool, the role player needs to be quick minded in reading nuances of each interaction, spontaneous in reaction and response and adaptable to each scenario while remaining clear minded in his strategy to surface the learning objectives of the scenario.  Hence, our professional role players will be able to bring these skills sets into each scenario, often resulting in an invaluable learning experience for our clients.


Key Benefits to Corporate Role Playing

  • Provides a safe environment for practice and preparation for real life situation
  • Builds confidence in employees, teams, leaderships
  • Provides a space where mistakes can be made and constructive and honest feedback is received.
  • An effective and impactful way of learning.
  • Long term cost and time savings for training 
  • A strategy that can be used to reduce service complains and service replies.
  • A platform for one to experience a do-over  
  • A platform for one to experience new ideas without the risk of losing new clients, customers or stakeholders.

Is Corporate Role Play Necessary?

With the global expansion of businesses today, many of the problems faced by most companies are people related issues. Thus, roleplaying as a learning technique has become an essential part of staff training today.

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