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Strategic Simulated Conference (SSC)

Strategic Simulated Conference is a 1-Day program whereby event participants will experience a simulated work challenges which they will be tasked to solve. Participants' ability to adapt, communicate and engage are put to the test in this hands-on, risk free, simulated environment.
Business team enjoying some lunch at work

The Experience

  • A simulated situational work challenge which closely mimics and mirrors real life scenarios.
  • Variety of opportunities to put relevant skills and knowledge into hands on practice through methods such as Role playing, Group discussions and Presentations
  • Risk-free environment to explore various approaches to problem solve
  • Insights into the possible outcome with each approach they take for the challenge
  • Learning that is Impactful, long lasting and fun.


What can you learn?

SSC Proposal  5


When Can SSC Help With?

  • Preparation for Change Management, M&A
  • How to stand out to potential investors
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement
  • Identifying the potentials of your employees
  • Gaining insights into employees’ thoughts and sentiments about a challenging situation
  • Difficult conversations and engagement by leaders e.g. Upcoming retrenchment exercises
  • Enhancing Negotiaton Skills

Our Approach

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