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The Vital Connection

An experiential journey using a people-centric approach to explore the strengths and potentials of an organization while establishing a deeper level of connection and trust amongst teams, individuals and organization.

The Vital Connection

Powerful   •   Engaging   • Insightful

1 Full Day Workshop - Suitable for group size of 30 participants and above.




Participants will examine and re-assess their roles within their teams and and explores their relationship with other teams within the organization. They will identify the key challenges faced with colleagues and other teams at work and explore new approaches to improve communication with these colleagues and teams.

Happy young couple meeting with a broker in her office leaning over the desk to shake hands, view from behind the female agent

Customer Relation

Participants will re-examine and re-assess what is means to provide meaningful service today.  Participants will explore the power of "Service with a Heart" and the positive impact that means for their customers.


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Public Service

This program is for the public service sector to strengthen their communication and relations with their community. It addresses and re-examines the role of a public servant today and how one can better address and attend to the needs of the communities of today.